Bumpers are the most important part of any automobile. It fulfills the need for safety and prevents damage. Some bumpers are lightweight and made from plastic. These bumpers are usually used in sedan cars for traveling within the city. However, four-wheel drives like jeeps are used for off-roading and required heavy-duty bumpers. Different brands are available in the market that provides bumpers. The shape and size of these bumpers are different, based on the selected jeep. EAG bumpers, Smittybilt and Warn industries are some of the best jeep bumper manufacturers.

EAG is a leading brand, commonly known for its heavy-duty bumpers. A wide range of EAG front and back jeep bumpers are available in the market. The quality of these bumpers is up to mark and meets all standards. All types of jeep bumpers like Wrangler, Cherokee, and Comanche are manufactured by EAG. These bumpers are compatible with almost all models of jeeps.

Compatible Jeeps with EAG Bumpers

EAG bumper for Wranglers YJ, TY, JK

The jeep wrangler is the most common jeep in the UK, used for off-roading. The first generation of jeep wrangler is YJ manufactured in 1988 and continued till 1993. 2nd generation model TY is introduced by jeep wranglers in 1996. Jeep Wrangler JK and JL are the latest jeep models of this company. EAG manufactured front and back bumpers of all models of jeep wrangles. The parts manufactured by EAG are perfectly compatible with automotive and easy to install.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited Multijet

EAG bumpers for Cherokee SJ, XJ, KJ

This is a jeep manufacturing company expert in SUVs. The first-generation Cherokee SJ model was introduced in 1974. XJ and KJ are the following models manufactured between 1984 and 2007. Customization and up-gradation are a need for every automobile. EAG manufactures a large variety of Cherokee bumpers for compatibility with all models of Cherokee SJ, XJ, and KJ.

Jeep Cherokee

EAG bumpers for Comanche MJ

American Motors is the manufacturer of Commanche jeeps, SUVs, and pickup trucks. The design and engineering used in Comanche are similar to Cherokee KJ. EAG develops bumpers compatible with all Commanche jeeps. While connecting the bumper with the jeep, there is no need for drilling and welding. EAG bumpers can easily be installed in place of a stock bumper with bolts. EAG bumpers provide extra protection and an great look to jeeps.

Jeep Comanche Laredo 1988

EAG Front Bumper

To customize the wrangler jeeps, EAG provides various types of front bumpers. The built quality of these bumpers is fine and durable. The details and specification of all EAG front bumpers are given below:

EAG Full-width Front Bumper

EAG Winch Plate Front Bumper belongs to the category of the full-width bumper. This bumper is compatible with the Wrangler JK model manufactured from 2007 to 2018. The bumper comes with an elegant design with a black finish. The material used in EAG front bumper is alloy steel and its overall weight is 78 pounds. The steel sheet used in the bumper is 5/32’’ thick which makes it hight durable and strong. This bumper is perfect for off-roading due to the heavy-duty rock crawler. This bumper comes through a winch plate to support a 12,000-pound winch. Pre-installed fog lamps make the visibility better during off-roading at night. The lights are displaced to a wider distance to increase the range of vision.

EAG Front Bumper with Winch Plate and Fog Light Housing Fit for 07-18 Wrangler JK Rock Crawler

EAG Stubby Front Bumpers

These bumpers are smaller in width and compatible with old models of Wrangler CJ. Winch plate D-ring EAG bumper belongs to the category of stubby front bumpers. These bumpers are compatible with 76 to 86 model Wrangler CJ. The overall weight of this bumper is 65.53 pounds, make with alloy steel. Thick steel tubing is used in bumpers that provide extra strength. This bumper has a pre-runner hoop to enhance the protection and safety of the front grille. D-ring shackles are mounted on the front side of the bumper that makes it ideal for off-roading.

Winch plate D-ring EAG bumper belongs to the category of stubby Front bumpers.

EAG Stinger Front Bumper

These bumpers have a stringer bar to prevent the jeep from fliping while coming downhill during off-roading. EAG stringer front bumpers are compatible with Cherokee XJ models of 1984 to 2001. The construction of this bumper is done with highly precise laser-cutting machinery. The folding of sheets is done by CNC folding and robots are used for perfect welding. This helps to manufacture the best quality bumpers with tight geometric tolerances. The bumper is designed in an easy-to-install way. No cutting, drilling, or welding is required for installation. Similar to other bumpers, the stringer front bumper also has shackles and a winch plate.

EAG Stinger Front Bumper for Cherokee XJ

EAG Sport Front Bumper

These bumpers are specifically used for jeep rallies and sports. These bumpers are constructed with steel for heavy-duty off-roading. These bumpers are compatible with the Wrangler JK and JT Gladiator models both in the basic configuration and with tuning versions, including Jeep Gladiator side steps version, produced from 2007 to 2020. These bumpers have prebuilt holes for fog lights with a perfect fit. Sports bumpers are made to absorb maximum strength, so a 5/32’’ steel sheet is used during manufacturing. The welding, cutting, or any other mechanical process is required for the installation of EAG sports bumpers. To enhance the corrosion resistive properties, the bumper is coated with a high-quality texture.

EAG sports front bumper

Instalaltion of EAG Front Bumper

The installation process of the EAG front bumper is very simple. Beauce the manufacturer provides all the necessary guidelines and required hardware for installation. To install a new EAG front bumper in Wrangler, the bolts have to be removed first. With the help of a spanner, bolts are unscrewed and the old bumper is removed. The EAG front bumper package is opened and assembled. The bracket is connected with the chassis of the wrangler jeep and tightened with the spanner. The front bumper is connected with brackets and tightened with nuts and bolts. After the installation of the bumper, the next step is to connect the fog lights with the jeep. The cables of fog lights need to be extended to connect with the jeep.

EAG Front Bumper Reviews

Based on consumer's responses and reviews of customers, the products of EAG are reviewed. This company built its reputation in the market by providing quality products. The average rating of EAG bumpers is 4.7 stars. There are thousands of satisfied customers around the globe that consume these products. Based on reviews. EAG bumpers have the following characteristics.


According to consumers, the design of EAG bumpers is very simple and hassle-free. The whole process of installing the bumper is provided in guidelines. No customer faced any problem while installing. It is just a switch and swipe process. All you have to is to remove the old bumper and place a new one.

No requirements of Mechanical Work

Some jeep bumper manufacturers do not make bumper according to standards. Some sort of cutting, welding, or drilling is required for their installation. EAG bumpers do not require any mechanical work for their installation. All the fasteners come with the box so there is no need to buy hardware separately. The size and fitting of EAG bumpers are perfect and fit nicely. These bumpers are easily swappable with older ones.

Nice finishing

A thick layer of paint is applied on the surface of the bumper that makes it elEAGnt with a smooth surface finish. Besides paint, the bumpers are also coated with the anti-rusting compound. This compound prevents the bumper from oxidation. These extra layers enhance the overall strength of EAG bumpers. Bumpers have a smooth black texture that enhances the overall beauty of the jeep.

Quality welded joints

The joints of EAG bumpers are nicely welded. According to the manufacturer, robots are used to perform precise welding. The welding material distributes properly all over the joint with the help of robots. Clean and quality welding is the key to obtain the best surface finish.

Elegant and Safe

The major purpose of a bumper is safety during driving. The material used in these bumpers is a thick sheet of steel. Most of the bumpers are made with a 5/32’’ inches thick sheet of alloy steel. Different chemicals are added to steel to increase the overall strength of the material. This helps to prevent the driver from injury during impact. Despite safety, EAG bumpers increase the overall looks and aesthetics of the jeep.

EAG Front Bumpers Comparison Table

Full-width Front Bumper

Stubby Front Bumper

Stinger Front Bumper

  • Sport Bumper


  • Wrangler CJ models 1976 to 1986
  • All models of Jeep Wrangler
  • Cherokee model 1984-2001 XJ
  • Comanche MJ
  • JL Wrangler
  • JT Gladiator
  • JK Wrangler for 2007 to 2020


  • Alloy Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • ABS


  • 98.12
  • 56 pounds
  • 80.58 Pounds
  • 77.75


  • Bigger in size cover the whole jeep’s front
  • Made for heavy off-roading
  • D-shackles attached
  • Thicker steel tubing 3/8’’
  • Maximum ground clearance
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • One of the cheapest bumper with finch plate
  • Best welding
  • Thick paint texture
  • Fitment without cutting or drilling


  • High weight
  • Slightly expensive
  • Smaller in size
  • Does not cover the whole jeep front
  • Rusting over time
  • Fog lights are difficult to fit


  • 4.6 Stars
  • 4.8 Stars
  • 4.7 Stars
  • 4.7 Stars

EAG Rear Bumpers

This is also a great product for wrangler jeeps. These Rear bumpers are compatible with almost all jeep wranglers. The model TJ and YJ from 1987-2006 are suitable for this product. This bumper is manufactured with a steel alloy sheet having a thickness of 5/32’’ inches. To enhance the durability of the bumper, it is coated with black powder. This coating prevents the steel from rusting. To provide maximum strength, the Rear bumper is welded as a one-piece design. D-ring shackles are also attached at the Rear end of bumpers that can bear a maximum load of 4.75 tons. The receiver hitch is also attached at the center of the bumper. The total weight of the Rear bumper is 83.7 pounds. The exterior of the bumper is well machined to get a better surface finish.

EAG rare Bumper

EAG Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

Some models of jeeps do not have wheel carriers at the back. EAG developed a product with a Rear bumper and integrated wheel carrier. The weight of this whole carrier and bumper is around 135.8 pounds. The package comes with clear instruction so anyone can install it by yourself. All characteristics of this Rear bumper are the same as a simple one. 2 inches receiver and d-rings are present at the back of the bumper. Wheel carriers can be assembled on bumper separately. This helps to install or remove wheel carriers easily. The material used for the wheel carrier is solid billet aluminum. The availability of a built-in lock ensures the safety of the tire. Cam lock help to keep the wheel intact and prevent it from falling during off-roading.

EAG Rare Bumper with Tire Carrier

Installing Rear Bumpers

The installation process of the Rear bumper is similar to the front. The bolts are unscrewed with the spanner and the old bumper is removed. Following all the guidelines, the bumper is placed at its position and the bolts are tightened. In the case of a Rear bumper with the carrier, the process is the same. The wheel carrier does not connect with the bumper at first. After installing the bumper, the carrier is assembled on top. All screws are tightened with a spanner. The spare wheel is placed on carried and locked at its place.

EAG Rear Bumpers Reviews

The overall rating of the Rear bumper is 4.7. There are hundreds of satisfied customers for this product. Most of the customers liked the thick paint texture.


EAG Rear bumpers have a better surface finish due to thick textured paint. The welding is very neat and the whole bumper looks like one single piece. These bumpers are best in terms of value for money. The tire carrier can easily hold a tire up to 32 inches.


According to some customers, the instruction provided by the company for installing Rear bumpers is poor. In some reviews, people are required to drill addition holed for Rear bumper installed. This was not mentioned in the guidelines. The are some problems in the Rear bumper with the carrier. It covers the entire number plate according to the customer. The license plate has to be moved down while using a Rear bumper with a carrier.

EAG Bumpers Useful Tips

  • Before Buying an EAG bumper, make sure it is compatible with your jeep or not. Check out the compatibility of bumpers by selecting the product.
  • Rusting is a very major problem in jeep bumpers. This is due to the heavy-duty of roading in mud and dirt. Make sure your selected bumper must have some type of rusting protection coating.
  • Some common rusting protection coatings on EAG bumpers are black powder and duel powder. Chose those EAG bumpers that are protected with these coatings.
  • Some bumpers are high in cost and some are low in cost. You must consider your budget before buying the product.
  • While purchasing an EAG bumper, the consideration of weight is important. Hight weight bumpers have more strength and durability. But weight increment decreased the petrol efficiency of the jeep.
  • Low-weight bumpers do not affect the efficiency of the jeep. But the decrease in weight also decreases the protection of the bumper.
  • Crosscheck the price of the bumper on various e-commerce websites to compare the deals.

Final thoughts

Bumpers are used for the customization and safety of jeeps. There are various bumper manufacturers. EAG built its reputation by providing the best quality products at a limited price. The major focus of this company is to manufacture bumpers for jeep wrangler. Almost all models of jeep wrangle like YJ, TY, JK are included in the list. These bumpers have the best compatibility with the jeep wrangler. However, the selection of a particular bumper is perfectly based on the decision of customers. If you want extra protection, a high-weight bumper is best. To provide an aggressive and sporty look to your jeep, EAG sport bumpers are best. For general purposes lightweight bumpers are suitable. There are also a series of Rear bumpers for jeeps. Some Rear bumpers are also equipped with tire carriers to carry extra tires. EAG is a good option for selecting suitable bumper for jeeps.