ENTRY FEE: $500.00 per car (with 4 pit passes included)

500 cars $50000.00 to win , top 250 cars pay out
400 cars $40000.00 to win , top 200 cars pay out
300 cars $30000.00 to win , top 150 cars pay out
200 cars $20000.00 to win, top 100 cars pay out 



1 - ALL CARS shall come to the facility RACE READY.  All glass, headlights, and tail lights should be removed along with other excess parts like spare jack, spare tires, old parts, trash, etc.  Car's interior must remain in stock condition.  No truck based vehicles will be permitted.  Cars and vans are eligible but MUST be 22 feet in length or SMALLER.  Stock fuel cell, no reinforcements of any nature may be added to the vehicle (bumpers, sides, roof, etc), No roll cages or other such modifications may be conducted.  Must have WORKING AM/FM radio in vehicle.  THIS IS NOT A RACE CAR!!! Must remove A/C, can remove the cat most replace with pipe must have muffler

2-Fueling shall be conducted in ONE DESIGNATED FUELING AREA.  Driver MUST EXIT THE VEHICLE before fueling can be conducted on ANY competitors vehicle.  Crew members/teammates must have a fire extinguisher present when fueling is taking place.

3-Helmets are required to be worn by ALL competitors along with a long sleeved shirt (Fire-suits ARE PERMITTED!).  ALL competitors must also have a neck collar on while on track.

4-During competition, no vehicles will be permitted to remain in competition with a flat tire.  Driver will be given 2 (TWO) courtesy laps to acknowledge the flat tire and take the vehicle to the service area.  Failure to do so will result in a stoppage in the vehicles scoring with grounds for disqualification.

5-Jam vehicles may be used as necessary to remove disabled vehicles from the racing surface.  Should the yellow lights be activated (caution warning lights) and the "Jam Vehicle" have its yellow lights flashing, ALL VEHICLES ON THE SURFACE MUST YIELD TO THE JAM VEHICLE.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  ANY vehicle that does not abide by those guidelines will be subject to disqualification.

6-Vehicles may carry ONE person while on the racing surface.  NO PASSENGERS OF ANY SORT ARE PERMITTED!  Any violation will result in disqualification.

7-Shall a vehicle be in the work area, NO crew members are permitted to be under a vehicle without the proper use of jack stands.  A simple "floor jack" is not sufficient.

8-A strict 5 MPH Speed Limit will be enforced while in the pits / service area.  The speeds will be monitored and any violation of pit speed will result in a penalty and possible disqualification.

9-ALL TEAMS must have a 5 LB fire extinguisher in their pits at ALL TIMES!!!

10-ROUGH AND AGRESSIVE DRIVING IS STRICLY PROHIBITED!  Any vehicle/competitor found blocking or intentionally trying to crash/retaliate at another competitor shall be penalized or disqualified at the discretion of track officials.  You wouldn't make contact driving down the highway, DO NOT DO IT HERE!

11-Each vehicle in competition must have a MINIMUM of 4 (FOUR) drivers registered with the vehicle.  Each registered driver must turn at least 1 (ONE) LAP in the vehicle(s) they are resisted to compete in.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

12-Have fun and lets remember THIS IS NOT A RACE, ITS AN ENDURANCE TEST!

13-Be creative.